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Andrea Allen is a dedicated public servant with over three decades of experience in county operations, specializing in record-keeping, land management, and technology integration within the Utah County Recorder’s Office. Andrea’s career began in 1981, showcasing a steadfast commitment to public duty and a passion for pioneering efficient, technology-driven solutions that respect tradition while embracing the future.

Her tenure includes roles ranging from Office Specialist to her current position as the Utah County Recorder, where she has led significant initiatives like the Paperless Abstract Program. This program exemplifies her ability to collaborate across departments, streamlining processes that enhance public access to records and supporting sustainable practices.

Andrea’s leadership extends beyond office operations into active participation and chairing roles in various committees within the Utah Association of County Recorders, where she has significantly contributed to setting standards, legislative advocacy, and education. Her commitment to professional development is also evident through her role as an instructor and presenter, sharing her expertise on topics like cadastral mapping and subdivision recording statutes with peers statewide.

Beyond her professional achievements, Andrea is deeply involved in her community, demonstrating over 400 hours of service to local initiatives, emphasizing her belief in civic responsibility and the importance of contributing to society’s well-being.

With a solid foundation in executive management, policy analysis, and community outreach, Andrea Allen exemplifies leadership characterized by integrity, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to public service.